Practice Setup

I’m made up that more and more of us are looking at recording ourselves or being able to have song & drums in our headphones at the same time!

Unfortunately at the studio I’m able to show off a Yamaha EAD10, an incredible piece of kit which just does everything I’d need, including taking the place of 2 mixing boards and a set of microphones which I’d need to teach online. And means that we can film drum covers instantly during lessons!

It took me a good 18 months to take the plunge haha! So some thoughts on how I was doing some of the things before;

Old School Method

For this one, I’ve filmed a video with all the info – It uses a Mixer, Microphone & stand and cables. So nothing too crazy, but maybe a higher end of a budget with the mixer priced at about £100 then the mic & other parts.

iRig Method (May require iPad/iPhone)

This method is definitely a favourite of mine too, I’ve recorded a demo for a track using this and the band loved it,

For this one there is a piece of equipment called an iRig Pre – It’s only about a hand sized little device, it plugs directly into your iPad and then into the other end of it you can plug a mic cable.

You’re pretty much already good to go, other than that you’ll be looking for a mic stand and a Condenser Mic – I’m recommending Gear4Music for finding these as they have a great returns policy, and I think really good pricing.

I would set the whole thing up similar to the video above, having the mic up high above the kit, but the iPad acts as the mixing board, so open up Garageband and get playing around with your sound! You can play with reverb and effects in the app too.

Parts for setup

iRig Pre – Amazon

Alto Mixer from video – Amazon

Mic Stand – Gear4Music

Mic Cable – Gear4Music

Condenser Microphones – Gear4Music – I’ve read some fantastic things about this one by Mackie – I use their speakers & in ear monitors in the studio

And a Gear4Music bundle of all of the above, with their own microphone, I’ll do some more digging on this one! 😀

All of the parts above are just suggestions, for example any mic cable will be great for our set up, just make sure it’s long enough to move around the room a little so you can experiment with mic placements etc. And of course feel free to message me about any of these bits! ?