New Studio

It’s All Coming Together!

Getting back into the Studio 🤘

It’s Finally Here!

I’m really excited to say that we’re getting really close now with the studio build, they removed the garage door and bricked it up, got the internal wall done & built our roof this week! So impressed so far! I’ve put some pictures up at the bottom of the page. We’re now based in Little Sutton, just off Wetherby Way.

I still think there’s a little way to go with getting the place ready after the plaster & electrics are in next week, but cannot wait to show you what we’ll be able to get done at drum lessons!

Take some time to read this page, I’m really excited to share some cool info with you, and also some new info.
Firstly I wanted to put out in good time, there will be a little bit of a timing & price change – I’m pretty happy that it’s still all relative, so I hope it’s no extra burden on anyone! 

Times & Prices

I’d said for a long time, that if I got to hit a reset button on all of this, I’d like to make lessons longer. Too often I was running slightly over time, and let that get a little bit of a worry, almost feeling like I was rushing people out at the end of a session, trying to teach right to the last minute, but also start the next session right on time too.

Thankfully I get that chance, I mentioned the new thought in the video I sent out, we’ll be doing lessons of 40 Minutes – 35 Minutes of incredible drumming, then 5 minutes at the end to talk about what we’re working on, the plan going forward (or just Fortnite 😂 )

Also at the moment, this can be a bit of time where we can make sure we’re well clear of the kit etc and make a Coronavirus-safe changeover between sessions.

This 40 minute session will run much smoother & allow us to use every last minute, so I’m really looking forward to that! And without having to run downstairs to open the door during lesson time, it’ll mean full attention the whole time too – even if I do have to find some other way to get my steps in! 
Hoping it still feels like a fair price, the 40 minute session will be £20, and I have a bunch of cool extras too that I wasn’t able to offer before, which I’ll put below!

Days & form for best days for you

For getting our sessions back with the time changes, I’ve added a form to fill in to pick times & preferences, and there is a little bit of a change to the days; 

When we are back up and running, I’m going to start Sunday morning sessions! However, in preparation for the baby & future from November, I won’t be able to do Wednesday evenings any more. I truly hope that by adding the extra day, we’ll have enough movement to still find perfect times for everyone.

I’ve spent a bit of time thinking how to try to get the perfect lineup for everyone, so have created the form at the bottom of the page.

It lets you tick a few times that work, order the days of preference, and put a little note at the end I’d love to be able to use these to make the very best lineup for everyone. In the absolute nicest way, I’ll have to put a time limit on filling this form in to allow me to create a schedule and give everyone plenty of notice. Also, there may be a few drummers that aren’t heading back for lessons, of course I totally understand, and this gives me a chance to see who’s still after spaces, thank you!

The form can be sent in until Sunday 16th August 🤘

Drum Lesson Extras

Now for my favourite bit!
I’ve been testing lots of things during the break, one of which is a piece of equipment which I can now use to mic up the whole drum kit, with this, through headphones, we can edit the kit sound instantly to fit the piece that we’re working on, bringing the low volume kit even more to life! I can also trigger sounds with it making the kit sound huge.
The even cooler bit, this equipment (Yamaha EAD10) also plugs straight into your phone, allowing you to get great quality audio or video instantly! Either with or without a song in the background. So we’ll be aiming more and more at seeing our finished pieces, and you being able to walk out with a recording anytime!

I’ve also been lucky enough to have a few drummers that I’ve been doing lessons with online while locked down. I’ve been so, so impressed with how well it’s gone – All of the drummers have been epic! I didn’t know if it would work out at first, so I’m really happy with it!
This does mean that, now (thanks to the kids) we’re live stream ready; we can do lessons virtually if it’s ever more suitable for an occasion where you can’t get here but do have a kit at home. It’s actually been a really cool chance to see how comfortable everyone is playing their own kit! Great fun!

Cancellation backup <- also really cool!

I have always hated that if you weren’t able to make it to a lesson then there was still payment and when it can be something out of your control, I cannot say how much I’ve appreciated it for all of this time as it has kept everything steady, but I’m happy to be able to offer a backup plan!

With the ability to do video lessons almost at the press of a button, if you’re running late home from work, or something changes the plan, or there’s just some horrible weather and you’d struggle to make it here on time, I want to add in a back up option of a video call! I’m hoping that this way, it would never feel like you had to send money over for nothing, and actually works out nicely that we’d be able to do sessions where they get to use their own equipment:

And anything works, whether it’s electric with only their own headphones in, up to a full PA System & acoustic kit, it’s all great for keeping us drumming!

When can we get started?!

I’ve been absolutely made up with the reaction so far with making this work out, and I hope all the information so far only makes it more exciting! 
I think I’d be looking at letting our drummers get back to normal routine for the first week of September, so the “structured times” will start after that,
But for anyone excited to try out the new place, I’d be looking forward to having you here drumming as soon as possible! Perhaps we just choose times to fit around Summer Holidays etc until we settle on the real times.

I’ll be able to use all the information from the form, to make sure everyone has their space by the end of August and that we’re ready to go!

I cannot wait to see you all again soon, all the very best,


Time Picker Form

Progress Photos!