Kids Lessons

Based in Ellesmere Port, just off the M53 making iDoDrums easy to reach from Liverpool, the Wirral, or Chester, I also have a lot of experience teaching Childrens’ Drum Lessons. I teach Kids drum lessons from the age of 5+ and with the first lesson FREE, why not give it a try.

Teaching drums to Adults can be completely different to teaching to Children, it requires a lot of building up around each individual person’s confidence & interests to make sure that it’s as much a fun experience as it is educational.

The Kids drum lessons at iDoDrums do just that. I make sure that each and every child’s drum lesson is tailored to their own individual personality, so that it is totally engaging and definitely fun. What better learning environment is there than one where you come away from your lesson feeling like you’ve just been having fun whilst learning so much at the same time!

As a Drum Coach, I feel it is important to be really involved with the way your Child learns the Drums, such as inventing new games and techniques that work for them, I never teach straight out of a book! Especially at a young age, I have found that I get the best results from the following techniques;

We start by learning a bit about rhythm using fun words and objects.

Next I teach them what the drums are all called and get them to hit them to get used to them, a few little games of Simon Says, I’ll even get you to shout out some Drums to see if they remember which is which!

From there we go on to our basic drum beats and fills, all the while allowing ourselves to have a good bash around to get used to how everything sounds!

But we don’t stop there, nothing makes me prouder than watching someone at such a young age get really good at drumming, although it’s a relaxed atmosphere, we see progress every week, we’re not just playing games but we get some real work done too, so within a few months they can really enjoy being able to play the Drums along to their favourite songs.

Using my own low volume acoustic drum kit, you can be sure that there will be no problems for yours or your Child’s ears as it’s totally volume controlled, so they can bash away while learning as much as they like and you don’t have to worry.

Why not come and try out a lesson and see why I have had some students aged 5-6 for lessons for over a year! As always, the first lesson is free so why not try it out.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to Contact Me