Hey Zara, awesome session again last week!! I thought I’d add our new song, plus the shuffle for Burlesque for us to speed up.

Burlesque [Verse Shuffle]

All My Life – Foo Fighters

Paramore – That’s What You Get (Bridge)

I couldn’t actually get a flam on the Floor Tom, so the Snare note is to be both hands on the Floor 😀


Our Recordings from Sunday

An awesome recording for a first real try at it full volume, we’ll use it to listen to and tighten up some little bits like drum fills that we haven’t worked on too much, but it’s badass!

Finally got the audio to work!!
Soap Drums

We’ll record on the Mac next time I think just for a bit of extra recording power, really impressed with your drumming on it!

And here are the other two that we did, we recorded these with the track on in the background so they’re not as clear 😀


Also, for your Dad, I use a website called for hosting my website, I use some software called “WordPress” which makes it easy for me to add pages and posts etc, but Tom (Guitar teacher) Also uses’s own free website builder and really likes it.

Then, although I don’t have it on here any more, I used a shop called woocommerce, a free ‘plugin’ depending how much you may know about this stuff, a plugin is like an app for your website that other people develop.