Matt H

Here’s the warmup we’ve been speeding up!

The Drum Fill from the Pina Colada Video

It is swung, but even moving the swing up on the edit bar doesn’t seem to change the sound, strange, but they’re the notes we’re after, just played with some extra Strut ?

I’ve left the fast kick drums in on this one as I don’t think you’ll take too long to get playing along to it! Awesome work buddy!

Theeeen, because we’re insane, the song in 7/8 time! Ethiopia – RHCP

Then just as a fun piece, we started working on Blockades – Muse

Good Times Bad Times – Led Zeppelin

I can’t get YouTube videos to stay slowed down when I embed them on the website boo!! But if you press the cog/settings button on YouTube it lets you slow it down, for practise!

And the Chorus

Awesome work on this yesterday! We started to add the fill too so will work on that more, great job with all of it!

You did such a great job working on this song man, keep it going!!

50 Ways To Leave Your Lover

Our recording of Grey Street – Dave Matthews Band

Don’t worry about this piece for a while, but wanted to leave it on here.

Thing of Gold – Snarky Puppy