Warm Up – keep speeding this up

Ride Cymbal Pattern to work

We will keep adding to this to turn it into a really cool groove, this is one step up from the basic version, as we changed one Ride to a quieter note, and added a ghosted Snare.

Shook Me All Night Long [Bridge]

Good Times Bad Times

Keep this really slow to start with! We did just the first bar in lesson so feel free to only work on that!

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And of course

Tom’s Fill


Sam’s Fill

Hey guys! Check out the video we took of All My Life the other day! Give it a listen and see what else you can figure out from it! I’ve written out the groove below, and it’s in the vid too.
Next time, we need to think of a cooler name for this page, instead of Group1, so have a think and let me know our band name!

Also, your playing & fills after we had a jam to Fat Bottomed Girls were a huge improvement, because you’d kept the rhythm of the song in your head while freely playing afterward, it added some great flavour to your drumming! You won’t hear me say this often, but keep listening to Queen! Ha

Queen groove, ready to add fills!

All My Life – Foo Fighters