Tom Drums

Hey buddy, awesome stuff the other week with our drum sessions! Looking forward to catching up again on Thursday!

I’m away then for a few weeks, so just to make sure you have plenty of drumming to work on before I see you again, I’ll upload some bits to this page.

Basic Rock

Just throwing this one here as it’s great to try playing along to, you can use the arrow keys next to the play button and it will let you speed up/slow down the beat.

This is the groove we used for the Queen and Eagles songs, we add to this as we go.

And our upgraded Drum Beat

We also tried a new piece which was for Blockades – Muse

The R/L notes are called Flams, you hit with one hand just after the other. I’d go off the sound on this one more than trying to read it too much!

And next time we’ll add some drum fills now that we’re moving around the kit!