Hey!! Some bits for you to work on for this week! I’ll keep this page updated so we can always check it for what we’ve been doing!

First up I’d say we’d go for a warm up, to speed up hand and foot co ordination:

Warm Up

If you press the arrows next to the play button, you can speed up and slow down any of these 😀

Lenny Kravitz

Nice one for remembering this! I’d not written any notes to add it! 😮

Cowbell pattern [can play to Raindance Maggie – Red Hot Chilli Peppers]

I’ve set it to be the bell of the Ride cymbal so that you don’t need a cowbell to work on it.

This is the Rainbow song we were playing, the vid shows quite a lot of the drummer, where he’s hitting crashes etc. If you fancy having a play along!

And we used the song Africa Bamba – Santana, as our drum fill song, to try bits out to!

Joker & the Thief – Wolfmother

This one is pretty tough to get the ending on, but a good one if you can keep this playing while you practise.

And a good fill that we worked on to use anywhere

I hope that’s enough to start out dude and I’ll add some more! ?