Hey! Sorry I took a little while with this! I mentioned that P!nk has a great drummer, and he’s doing some pretty cool and not-so-straightforward things in the song Walk Me Home,

So listening to it from about 55seconds of the Official Video, the chorus starts, and the band plays to fit in with her vocal (and her singing doesn’t fit in to 4’s like we normally get, which she does on purpose), it’s a pretty slow count, but try it out, and we’ll try it in lesson too…

We get 7 for the first bar, then she starts her new line, then 8, then another 7, then 4! Haha. You want to be counting along to the beat, there’s a Bass drum on every beat hopefully nice and easy to pick out.

So, 7, 8, 7, 4 and stop

I found a cool drum cover that keeps that feel, which is what we started in lesson, but I actually think the drummer is playing something much simpler, I get this;

Still really cool, as we’d have to keep that count that I mentioned, so we put the Crashes in the right places! And still pretty tricky for your hi hat, see what you think 🙂

And the drum fill for our new song

Shut Up & Dance

So, every week we will do a bit to work on our speed,

The pattern is LRKK LRKK LRKK LRLR


We started working on our Bass Drum independence with this drum beat.

Green Day – Brain Stew