Hey!! Awesome stuff again today man!

I’ve added more bits to the things that we’re working on;

3-5-5-3 Drum Fill

I’ve kept this to the Hi Hat & Kick being the accent so that it was really easy to hear, a great one to get used to and totally changed my drumming when I started thinking of new patterns inside of the 16 notes that we get to the bar.

So here we count the 3 [ ONE! 2 3 ]

And the 5 [ ONE! 2 THREE! 4 5 ]

Adventures of Raindance Maggie – RHCP

Then in the Chorus on this one it’s


Syncopated Hats for Feed My Frankenstein

This pattern comes up a lot, a lot of Jamiroquai, Stevie Wonder or even MJ, generally anything with a bit of funk to it, but here it’s played as straight up rock!

Hope you’re having a great day and see you later!