Hey buddy! Awesome drumming again this week!

We have one more week before I go away for 2 sessions, which means you’ll have a few weeks working on your own, it’d be great if you had this to look at to remind you of some bits to work on.

Grade Work - Press this to bring up some Snare work for 'Technicals' Page

This part is to help us with Technical page Group A – We mentioned putting a closed Hi-Hat in there too, that just means you start memorising the pattern against a “metronome”

You’ll be able to feel if you’re speeding up by checking your Hi-Hat. I’ve kept all 3 separate so you can work on each.

8th Notes


16th Notes

All My Life – Foo Fighters

If you press the arrows next to the Play button, it will let you speed up/slow down anything that I write in here!

In Bloom – Nirvana [Chorus Drum Fill]

Hope that’s all cool buddy, we’ll add some more to this on Monday so you have lots to keep you drumming! 🤘