Hey guys! Sorry it’s taken so long to send this over!! I’m hoping I still get this to you while Jack has a chance to play some drums.

The Drum Fill we were working on:

Although we’re not really using the kick drum at the studio yet, I’ve left the kicks in to get used to the sound.

Also, if you press the arrows next to the play button you can speed up & slow down the beat.

Our new song to try! Night Train – Guns ‘N’ Roses

The Cadbury Gorilla!!

The first 4 hi hat sounds are just to help count in, see if you can play along to this! It’s tough though, so just have fun with it!

Here’s the video we’ll try it to. I start it around 50 seconds-ish, and the count in starts when you hear him say “oh, lord” around 55 seconds 😀

Have a blast and I’ll see you guys soon!!