Hey Isaac! Awesome job yesterday at drumming! I’ve put up some bits on this page for you to check out and try some drumming along to.

Brand new Drum Beat!

We know this as an 8th Note Rock Beat

If you press on the arrows next to the play button, it will open up a little tab that lets you speed up or slow down!

Working on our Drum Fills

In our last lesson, we looked at that sheet of drum fills.

You did an awesome job of counting it, but I wanted to put this here to help

This is Number 5

If we remember, the notes with the single line at the top are 8th notes, easy to count.

The ones with the double line at the top, are faster 16th notes, which are twice as fast, and counted differently.

Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’

I found a Drum Cam version of this to show how he plays, there are a few more notes in there than we play just yet, but cool to see that he’s left handed too!

My Spotify Playlist

I’m not sure how this will open, but if you have Spotify installed this should come up, there’s a tonne of songs here, but the first bunch are almost in an order that we’ll learn them 🙂

But, any that you click on, just have fun playing along with anything you can, that’s the cool bit!

And lastly, your favourite character, Isabelle, winning Smash Bros! 🙌

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