Our big new piece – Rudiment

Flam Accent

We were using this to work on Flams, plus the sticking to carry it on into a drum fill/beat

I can’t get it to write the Flam sticking the way I want, but it’s

lR L R | rL R L – I always remember it that the hand that hits first, hits again.

Foot speed warmup

Heard It Through the Grapevine is pretty much finished, ready as our first Grade song, We’ll just look a little more at the p & f markings as we go through it some more, to carry on our Grade progress I thought we’d try

Born To Be Wild

We don’t need this song, but some of the bits we learn in it are great, and keep us listening to the song as it has a pretty strange structure!

Improvisation Challenge

I wanted to throw a bit of a challenge for you to work on over the next few weeks. I want you to try to play as much/anything you can, while keeping this foot pattern working.

Depending how easy you find it, once you’re comfortable playing over it, then try looking at your dynamics too, similar to the accents & ghosts that we have written out at the end of this page.

Of course, because our feet are playing a set pattern we can only use our hands, so we try to colour our playing as much as possible.

A little challenge, paradiddles are nails hard to this :p

Feed My Frankenstein with single Kicks

This hand pattern is a great one to get down, we mentioned that if we were to swing it on the ride, it’s our Jazz pattern, and I’ve worked really hard in the past on some great samba/baiao patterns with this hi hat pattern in too.

For this song there are 4 bars similar to this but with changes, such as an extra snare or kick etc, it’s not too fast and all as 16th notes, the two 32nd notes at the end are how we write a drag. We’ll go over it more in lesson, then you can use this to practise 😀


I’ve left the Little Monster & Accent pattern up as it’s something we’ll keep working on!