Welcome to the iDoDrums Drumline page

The iDoDrums Drumline is a new American style Drumline.

A great way to form a team of drummers to push each other to improve;

  • Hand speed
  • Chops & Fills
  • Sheet music reading
  • Rudiments
  • Phrasing on drum kit
  • Musicianship

As well as forming friendships with other people interested in drumming!

This video shows a little of what can be achieved with the right practise;


We will all start out learning some hand speed and rudiments on snare drums/practise pads, before moving on to other instruments, the hand speed exercises are especially important and are invaluable when it comes to drumming on a kit.

Lessons will be Sunday Mornings with Kids 9.30-10.30 & Adults 10.30-11.30 and just £5 per person, this money will go toward buying in equipment, especially for when we get to our first parade!

The aim is to use the group environment to form friendly motivation as well as creating a huge drum family here at iDoDrums, if you want to take part, please register interest here.

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