Drum Lessons

iDoDrums, Drumming Masterclass

As an experienced drummer and drum teacher, I have opened my own Drum teaching studio in Little Sutton, Ellesmere Port. Easy to get to whether you’re from Mersyside or Cheshire, junction 5 M53.

Whether you want to join a band or play drums for pleasure (or stress)…

you will be playing drums in the first lesson and learning within minutes.

I teach people of all ages and of any skill level.

Lessons and courses are adapted to the student’s needs and likes, so you will always leave feeling
inspired and encouraged.

With the Studio equipped with my very own low volume acoustic drum kit it means all the fun but without worrying about your hearing and without losing any of the feeling of playing a real drum kit by having to play quietly.

Take a lesson with iDoDrums, for the most real drumming experience around.

I now encourage all drummers to bring their own sticks to each session. If possible, a set of plug in headphones. Other than that, just bring yourselves!

Sessions run at 40 Min for £20 
35 Minutes of great drumming, then 5 minutes sticks down at the end to talk all things drums!

Check out some of my YouTube Drum lessons HERE

Click here to find the Studio