First of all, as always, an enormous thank you to everyone for supporting me in such a strange time, I love getting to teach every single drummer, and am happy to say that we can carry on the good work ? in the new building!

The following is the information that I’ve gathered from the Government & Cheshire West & Chester Council (CWACC) information, to make sure that everyone feels safe to visit the studio.

Based on this graphic from the Gov and shared by CWACC, knowing that we have gone to all of the cleanliness & social distancing measures, taking from the “Leisure” & “Youth Clubs and Activities” being Open and Permitted I feel like that’s good evidence that we can carry on.

Local MP Justin Madders released a set of Videos on Facebook

Released alongside being put into the “High” category

These can be seen here

From the Government website on closing certain Businesses
Venues following COVID-19 secure guidelines can host more than 6 people in total, in line with guidance for their sector, but no one should visit or socialise in a group of greater than 6 . It is also important that people from different households remain socially distanced. These rules will not apply to workplaces or education settings, alongside other exemptions.

Businesses should demonstrate to their attendees that they have properly assessed their risk and taken appropriate measures to mitigate it, for example by publishing their risk assessment online or making it available at the premises/event.

In line with all of the advice from both the Gov & Council, there is a Risk Assessment at the premises showing that all risks have been thought of and acted upon.

Please do let me know if you’d like to switch over to Video Lessons too if they’d work best for you. But here’s to continuing on with our drumming and keeping the arts alive and well! In our own time, let’s keep watching videos & playing music too, to keep the music world alive for so many new artists! ??