Song Starters

My “Level 1” version of Joker and the Theif, this is by no means easy! The Verse and Chorus beats can easily be played as just Basic Rock, which is how I really get started on this one! But great for progression, to see what they’re doing in both parts, […]

Joker And The Theif – Wolfmother

Hugely popular drum section that’s been sampled in tonnes of songs since! Thanks to Adam for introducing me to this one!! Amen Break Part 1 Amen Break Part 2 In Full

The Amen Break

A collection of things we’ve been working on since last time! The Killers – Jenny was a friend of mine fill Starting Off Beat Snare 1 Paradiddle Speed Test around the kit Drum Grade Smooth – Santana Opening Stone Sour

November thoughts

Jet Fills into Chorus Part 1 Jet Fills into Chorus Part 2 Cold As Ice Fill Part 2 – First half Cold As Ice Fill Part 2 in Full

Wednesday 16th October

Simple Minds Fill Open Hi-Hat part 1 Sabotage 16th Note Drum Fill – starting at 80bpm, move the slider up along the top after you get it right a few times, trying to reach 100bpm ??

Friday 11th October

All Apologies Fills Set 1 Forget About Me Fill Part 1 The Vamps – Somebody To You Little Monster Fill

Friday 27th September