My “Level 1” version of Joker and the Theif, this is by no means easy! The Verse and Chorus beats can easily be played as just Basic Rock, which is how I really get started on this one! But great for progression, to see what they’re doing in both parts, […]

Joker And The Theif – Wolfmother

Hugely popular drum section that’s been sampled in tonnes of songs since! Thanks to Adam for introducing me to this one!! Amen Break Part 1 Amen Break Part 2 In Full

The Amen Break

A collection of things we’ve been working on since last time! The Killers – Jenny was a friend of mine fill Starting Off Beat Snare 1 Paradiddle Speed Test around the kit Drum Grade Smooth – Santana Opening Stone Sour

November thoughts

Jet Fills into Chorus Part 1 Jet Fills into Chorus Part 2 Cold As Ice Fill Part 2 – First half Cold As Ice Fill Part 2 in Full

Wednesday 16th October

Simple Minds Fill Open Hi-Hat part 1 Sabotage 16th Note Drum Fill – starting at 80bpm, move the slider up along the top after you get it right a few times, trying to reach 100bpm ??

Friday 11th October

All Apologies Fills Set 1 Forget About Me Fill Part 1 The Vamps – Somebody To You Little Monster Fill

Friday 27th September