iDoDrums is home to Drum Coach, Chris Turton.

It’s a Drum Studio where many have started their drumming career, some people learning casually, others learning to join bands and more specific areas and even studying the instrument, Chris is capable of delivering an incredibly high standard of teaching in every area of Rock/Pop drumming as well as World Grooves, Blues Shuffles and good old Jazz.Drum Room

At iDoDrums you learn to play using brand new and top-of-the-range equipment including my very own Acoustic drum kit* I’m constantly upgrading the kit so you never have to play battered old kits ever again (like I always used to in my lessons!).

*The kit uses Low Volume acoustic cymbals so you don’t have to worry about your ears!

Whether you want to join a band or play drums for pleasure (or stress) then iDoDrums is definitely the right place for you, you will be playing drums in the first lesson and learning within minutes.


 About Chris

My name is Chris, and I look forward to being your new Drum Coach.

I choose to use the word Coach because of what it means to be a Coach, I’m not a “Teacher” I don’t just teach you out of a book and then test you to see what you know, that’s for School! There is much more to Coaching, a Coach is there every step of the way with his Student, there with every success, but also every mistake, showing them how to improve and keep getting better.

A huge part of my teaching is about being inspired. I believe that inspiration is what really drives us to practice and improve. I aim to inspire my Students in some way in every single lesson and it has kept people coming back and kept them growing not only as Drummers, but as complete Musicians too.

My teaching method is so unique because I write my own lessons around what the Student wants, I start off by giving you a solid foundation in Drumming before then building on it together with different styles and techniques which help you improve fast.

You really do get straight on the kit every time you come, and with your lessons being custom made to meet your needs, you can learn at your own pace, meaning there’s nothing rushing you and nothing holding you back.

I have been to far too many BAD drum teachers in my time learning to play, let me tell you, it’s not much fun spending your hard earned cash on a bad lesson, so when I couple this with my GOOD experiences, I promise you the best learning experience, it’s something I am very passionate about and something I know you will enjoy and learn from! I’m so sure of this that I give out a FREE FIRST LESSON. just get in touch.